An App to save energy and protect the environment; a concrete contribution to the survival and future of the planet and humanity.
The Giving to Protect the Environment project is in line with the goals of the UN 2030 Agenda and focuses on three of them in particular: combating climate change, quality education and eradicating hunger.
Students, guided by their teachers, learn about the human-nature connection and grow in responsibility to act in a more respectful way to both. With the development of the EcoGive app, the project opens up to everyone: children, students and schools, but also adults, associations, groups of colleagues. The app is available in all stores, by typing ecogive. “Giving” implies a cultural change, which involves everyone’s daily decisions and behaviour.
EcoGive teaches about the interdependence of the planet’s ecosystem. Wasting energy affects climate change, the effects of which impact the environment and people, causing natural disasters, poverty and migration. Whoever downloads the app commits to performs acts of saving and caring for the environment in 5 areas: electricity, water, gas, recycling-reuse, food waste. For each energy-saving act performed, the app shows the corresponding saving in terms of CO2, water or KwH. Everyone joins a group through a code, or creates a group and thus generates a code that they can give to friends inviting them to join their group. Each group is twinned with a solidarity project chosen from those on the app and periodically donates the savings made to the chosen project.

How to support EcoGive

The projects are carried out in countries that, although not among those responsible for greenhouse gas emissions, are nevertheless strongly affected by the effects of climate change. You can support the project with a financial contribution that will be used to promote and develop EcoGive and that you can deduct in your next tax return.
transfer: BANCA POPOLARE ETICA, IBAN:  IT03A0501803200000017108234 ABI CAB:  ETICIT22 – Reason for payment: Liberal donation to the EcoGive Project, followed by your tax code.
To obtain a tax receipt for your donation made, send an email with your full personal details to: